With likely new FDA regulations the risk of accreditation failure is not merely costly but may cause long term economic hardship or result in closure of a mammography service or facility. Preventive measures with an effsective QI program are so much more important than ever before.

Our QI programs can review all aspects of MQSA requirements and bring those which are below par up to meet standards. For an organization with one mammography site or many, our cost-effective programs are designed to bring any facility to MQSA standards expeditiously. At the conclusion, procedural recommendations are made so that each site can maintain its quality going forward.

Patients appreciate a facility which has a QI program to keep quality at its best. It is an excellent marketing tool. It says “You Care”. Word-of-mouth praise costs nothing, creates an excellent reputation and increases demand for your services.

IMPORTANT: Follow up - With all of our programs we leave you with a plan to maintain necessary standards and suggestions for areas which may need special attention. We are always available for follow up if needed.

REMEMBER: With any of our services, a technologist will receive up to 6 CE A credits (ASRT).

Please contact us to learn more about any of our services.