A global network of breast imaging and comprehensive breast healthcare facilities which provide cost-effective breast care to United States and European Union standards. Each facility is tailored for cultural sensitivity and meeting local needs and budget. We have practical breast cancer screening solutions for the most remote areas as well as major metropolitan communities.

Our team has years of experience bringing international quality breast care to facilities on various continents. We begin by planning and designing, as well recommending equipment choices, and follow through with staff training. Reaching out to the local population is important. One of our successes is helping local potential patients understand this new or improved quality health care available to them. We develop low-cost breast cancer screening for every budget.

When there is interest improving current local services or starting a new facility that offers international quality care – we come to you. We become familiar with your needs, work to understand your culture and work within your budget.

Please contact us to learn more about any of our services.