If you arrived here via www.focuswesthealth.com. You are in the correct place. While the FocusWest Health Inc website is under construction, you have the opportunity for some background about Dr Kivitz, a pioneer in the breast imaging and healthcare space. A board-certified radiologist, he became the first “primary care physician for the breast” when he developed, founded and led the San Francisco Breast Evaluation Center (SFBEC) decades ago.

Before it was acknowledged that mammography misses 20-40% of cancers, he understood that supplemental imaging with whole breast ultrasound (imaging 99+% of the tissue) would reveal additional early cancers.  This original water-bath, FDA-approved device also differentiated the numerous benign abnormalities and was an integral part of the SFBEC numerous services along with the most innovative mammography imaging, needle biopsies, stereotactic biopsies and others.

Today, Dr Kivitz has brought his extensive experience in breast imaging and healthcare to these forward-looking times of Precision Medicine.

AI DL RADIOMICS partnered with the ROBOTIC WIDEFIELD BREAST ULTRASOUND TOMOGRAPHY PLATFORM (patented) (RoWBus™) images the most breast tissue and will safely find breast changes before the human eye when used for breast screening or diagnosis of women and men from adolescence until any age.

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Phoenix General & Health Services is a full service, on-site provider for CLINICAL breast care facilities, radiologists, technologists and management. For INNOVATORS in the breast healthcare space, we offer creative solutions from software development assistance to hardware design. Our solutions are directed to user- friendly products that receive eager acceptance.



Wherever you are, we stand ready to bring our services and expertise to you. Our process is both collaborative and customized to your organization. We are uniquely qualified to identify and overcome the specific issues and challenges that you face.


Our holistic approach takes into account the professional needs and financial challenges facing providers today. By improving the quality and efficacy of medical care, our expertise can help enhance patient satisfaction and maximize your bottom line.


Our success in training radiologists and technologists emanates from the top, because we are led by a radiologist, Dr Philip Kivitz, Diplomat of the American Board of Radiology. He has additional training as an x-ray technologist. Because of this dual training, Dr Kivitz understands the importance that each discipline contributes to quality breast imaging and improved diagnostic accuracy. Both in the US and globally, Dr Kivitz has worked with numerous radiologists and provided hands-on training to hundreds of technologists. As an effective team leader and educator, he stresses the need for shared goals across all facets of your practice. A key part of this learning involves enhancing communication and connection among all members of the team. When this bridge-building process is applied, training improves and proficiency endures.

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Together, we develop a set of mutual goals, customized for your organization, your facility and your patients. Even the very best breast-imaging radiologist cannot provide the correct diagnosis unless the images are technically optimal and include all of the breast tissue. Even the emerging use of AI cannot identify a lesion if it is not in the image.


Phoenix General & Health Services and Dr Kivitz continue to be at the creative leading edge for breast health care and imaging innovation. Training neural networks to device development to liquid biopsies, these are some of the areas in which we have made contributions. Our extensive private-practice clinical and academic experiences create a fertile environ to approach any project from all aspects. Our holistic approach is always with a view to create for the end-user.

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